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Henry the Fifth, IV. viii

Gow. How now, sir! you villain!

Will. Do you think I'll be forsworn? 12

Flu. Stand away, Captain Gower; I will give
treason his payment into plows, I warrant you.

Will. I am no traitor.

Flu. That's a lie in thy throat. I charge you
in his majesty's name, apprehend him: he is a
friend of the Duke Alençon's. 18

Enter Warwick and Gloucester.

War. How now, how now! what's the matter?

Flu. My Lord of Warwick, here is,—praised
be God for it!—a most contagious treason come
to light, look you, as you shall desire in a
summer's day. Here is his majesty.

Enter King and Exeter.

K. Hen. How now! what's the matter? 24

Flu. My liege, here is a villain and a traitor,
that, look your Grace, has struck the glove which
your majesty is take out of the helmet of Alençon.

Will. My liege, this was my glove; here is the 28
fellow of it; and he that I gave it to in change
promised to wear it in his cap: I promised to
strike him, if he did: I met this man with my
glove in his cap, and I have been as good as my
word. 33

Flu. Your majesty hear now,—saving your
majesty's manhood,—what an arrant, rascally,
beggarly, lousy knave it is. I hope your majesty
is pear me testimony and witness, and will
avouchment, that this is the glove of Alençon that
your majesty is give me; in your conscience now.

37 is pear: will bear
38 avouchment: make acknowledgment