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The Life of

Boy. Yes, that a' did; and said they were
devils incarnate.

Host. A' could never abide carnation; 'twas
a colour he never liked. 36

Boy. A' said once, the devil would have him
about women.

Host. A' did in some sort, indeed, handle
women; but then he was rheumatic, and talked
of the whore of Babylon. 41

Boy. Do you not remember a' saw a flea
stick upon Bardolph's nose, and a' said it was
a black soul burning in hell-fire? 44

Bard. Well, the fuel is gone that maintained
that fire: that's all the riches I got in his ser-

Nym. Shall we shog? the king will be gone
from Southampton. 49

Pist. Come, let's away. My love, give me thy lips.
Look to my chattels and my moveables:
Let senses rule, the word is, 'Pitch and pay'; 52
Trust none;
For oaths are straws, men's faiths are wafer-cakes,
And hold-fast is the only dog, my duck:
Therefore, 'caveto' be thy counsellor. 56
Go, clear thy crystals. Yoke-fellows in arms,
Let us to France; like horse-leeches, my boys,
To suck, to suck, the very blood to suck!

Boy. And that's but unwholesome food,
they say. 61

Pist. Touch her soft mouth, and march.

Bard. Farewell, hostess. [Kissing her.]

39 handle: talk of
40 rheumatic: error for 'lunatic'
52 senses: prudence
word: motto
Pitch and pay: cash down
54 wafer-cakes: i.e., very fragile
56 caveto: beware
57 clear thy crystals: dry your eyes (?)