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The Life of

Therefore in fierce tempest is he coming,
In thunder and in earthquake like a Jove, 100
That, if requiring fail, he will compel;
And bids you, in the bowels of the Lord,
Deliver up the crown, and to take mercy
On the poor souls for whom this hungry war 104
Opens his vasty jaws; and on your head
Turning the widows' tears, the orphans' cries,
The dead men's blood, the pining maidens' groans,
For husbands, fathers, and betrothed lovers, 108
That shall be swallow'd in this controversy.
This is his claim, his threat'ning, and my message;
Unless the Dauphin be in presence here,
To whom expressly I bring greeting too. 112

Fr. King. For us, we will consider of this further:
To-morrow shall you bear our full intent
Back to our brother of England.

Dau.For the Dauphin,
I stand here for him: what to him from England? 116

Exe. Scorn and defiance, slight regard, contempt,
And anything that may not misbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.
Thus says my king: an if your father's highness 120
Do not, in grant of all demands at large,
Sweeten the bitter mock you sent his majesty,
He'll call you to so hot an answer of it,
That caves and womby vaultages of France 124
Shall chide your trespass and return your mock
In second accent of his ordnance.

Dau. Say, if my father render fair return,
It is against my will; for I desire 128

101 requiring: requesting
102 in the bowels: by the mercy
124 womby vaultages: deep caverns
126 second accent of his ordnance: echoes of his cannon