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The Life of

order of the siege is given, is altogether directed
by an Irishman, a very valiant gentleman, i'

Flu. It is Captain Macmorris, is it not? 76

Gow. I think it be.

Flu. By Cheshu, he is an ass, as in the world:
I will verify as much in his beard: he has no
more directions in the true disciplines of the
wars, look you, of the Roman disciplines, than
is a puppy-dog. 82

Enter Macmorris and Captain Jamy.

Gow. Here a' comes; and the Scots captain,
Captain Jamy, with him.

Flu. Captain Jamy is a marvellous falorous
gentleman, that is certain; and of great expedi- 86
tion and knowledge in th' aunchient wars, upon
my particular knowledge of his directions: by
Cheshu, he will maintain his argument as well
as any military man in the world, in the disci-
plines of the pristine wars of the Romans. 91

Jamy. I say gud day, Captain Fluellen.

Flu. God-den to your worship, good Captain

Gow. How now, Captain Macmorris! have
you quit the mines? have the pioners given o'er? 96

Mac. By Chrish, la! tish ill done: the work
ish give over, the trumpet sound the retreat. By
my hand, I swear, and my father's soul, the
work ish ill done; it ish give over: I would have
blowed up the town, so Chrish save me, la! in an
hour: O! tish ill done, tish ill done; by my
hand, tish ill done! 103

78 as: as great as any
93 God-den: good evening
96 pioners: sappers