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Henry the Fifth, III. vi

and inconstant, and mutability, and variation:
and her foot, look you, is fixed upon a spherical
stone, which rolls, and rolls, and rolls: in good
truth, the poet makes a most excellent descrip-
tion of it: Fortune is an excellent moral. 40

Pist. Fortune is Bardolph's foe, and frowns on him;
For he hath stol'n a pax, and hanged must a' be,
A damned death!
Let gallows gape for dog, let man go free 44
And let not hemp his wind-pipe suffocate.
But Exeter hath given the doom of death
For pax of little price.
Therefore, go speak; the duke will hear thy voice; 48
And let not Bardolph's vital thread be cut
With edge of penny cord and vile reproach:
Speak, captain, for his life, and I will thee requite.

Flu. Aunchient Pistol, I do partly under-
stand your meaning. 53

Pist. Why then, rejoice therefore.

Flu. Certainly, aunchient, it is not a thing to
rejoice at; for, if, look you, he were my brother,
I would desire the duke to use his good pleasure
and put him to execution; for discipline ought
to be used.

Pist. Die and be damn'd; and figo for thy friendship! 60

Flu. It is well.

Pist. The fig of Spain! Exit.

Flu. Very good.

Gow. Why, this is an arrant counterfeit
rascal: I remember him now; a bawd, a cut-
purse. 66

42 pax; cf. n.
60 figo: a fig
62 The fig of Spain; cf. n.