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The Life of

Flu. I'll assure you a' uttered as prave
words at the pridge as you shall see in a sum-
mer's day. But it is very well; what he has
spoke to me, that is well, I warrant you, when
time is serve. 71

Gow. Why, 'tis a gull, a fool, a rogue, that
now and then goes to the wars to grace himself
at his return into London under the form of a
soldier. And such fellows are perfect in the 75
great commanders' names, and they will learn
you by rote where services were done; at such
and such a sconce, at such a breach, at such a
convoy; who came off bravely, who was shot,
who disgraced, what terms the enemy stood on; 80
and this they con perfectly in the phrase of war,
which they trick up with new-tuned oaths: and
what a beard of the general's cut and a horrid
suit of the camp will do among foaming bottles 84
and ale-washed wits, is wonderful to be thought
on. But you must learn to know such slanders
of the age, or else you may be marvellously
mistook. 88

Flu. I tell you what, Captain Gower; I do
perceive, he is not the man that he would gladly
make show to the world he is: if I find a hole in
his coat I will tell him my mind. [Drum heard.]
Hark you, the king is coming; and I must
speak with him from the pridge.

Drum and Colours. Enter the King, [Gloucester,] and his poor Soldiers.

Flu. God pless your majesty!

72 gull: cheat
78 sconce: small fort
80 stood on: insisted on
94 from: with news from