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for about 20 minutes, and then drain off the water. Heat half the ghee in a pan with the cassia leaves. Add the dal when the ghee is sufficiently hot and stir till they become light brown. Then add hot water with salt and powdered turmeric. Add curd, ginger-juice and powdered pepper and cumin when the pulses are well boiled. The pulses must be thoroughly melted. Then take the pan down. Heat the rest of the ghee in another pan with the panch-foron and the green chillies cut lengthwise. Pour in the liquid dal when the ghee is sufficiently hot. Boil for a few minutes more. Add powdered cardamom, cinnamon and clove, and stir before taking off the fire. Keep it covered.

Masur dal is very tasteful, easily digestible and nutritious. Green leaves of coriander plants are often added to give an aroma to the preparation


The required materials and the methods are the same in the preparations of both arahar and mash-kalai as in the case of masur dal. Arahar dal should be cooked with plenty of ghee and mash-kalai with powdered or pasted aniseed and ginger for making the preparations more tasteful.


Moog dal when husked after drying them in the sun instead of frying them are called "kancha moog-dal". They are richer in vitamin than the fried quality and are easier to digest. Raw entire moog give up shoots