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ghee, add the meat, and stir. When the water coming out from the meat dries up add powdered turmeric, salt and water. Pour in the boiled rice and pulse when the meat are fully boiled. Add powdered pepper and cumin, and stir thoroughly.

Boil the rest of the ghee with the cassia leaves and red chillies and pour it into the boiling mass with powdered garam-masalla. Stir, and boil on gentle heat. Take down when tolerably thick.


Required :— Rice ½ seer, fried moog dal ½ seer, ghee 1 powa, onion 1 powa, a dozen eggs, salt 2½ tolas, pepper ½ tola, coriander 1 tola, aniseed ½ tola, ginger 1 tola, garam-masalla ½ tola, turmeric ½ tola, cumin ½ tola, a few cassia leaves and red chillies.

Method :— Wash and dry the rice and pulse, and brown them lightly in ½ powa of ghee. Then pour in 2 seers of akhni water prepared by boiling the pepper, coriander, aniseed and a few cloves and cassia leaves. Fry the pieces of onions and add them with salt, pasted or powdered ginger, turmeric and cumin when the rice begin to boil. Add a little saffron if desired. Slow down the fire. Add the contents of several fresh eggs and stir incessantly so that they may not coagulate. Boil ½ powa of ghee with cassia leaves and red chillies, and pour it in the khechuri when the boiling nears completion. Add powdered garam-masalla before taking down. Sprinkle some finely chopped onions while serving on the khechuri in every dish.