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If potatoes are to be added, cut them in pieces, brown a little, and add to the khechuri with the spices.

KHECHURl with CHINRE (Flattened rice).

Required :— Chinre ½ seer, fried moog-dal ½ seer, curd 1 powa, adequate quantities of ghee, spices, salt and vegetables, and a little tamarind.

Method :— Wash chinre and mix them with curd, tamarind and powdered garam-masalla. Prepare moog-dal as in the alternative method, only do not make it so thick. Heat sufficient ghee and add cassia leaves, red chillies and a pinch of entire cumin. Add pieces of cauliflowers, potatoes, green peas and other vegetables.

according to taste when the red chillies turn black, and brown them. Then add powdered turmeric, salt and the boiled dal. Add chinre when the vegetables are boiled, and boil for a few minutes more. Add ghee and garam-masalla before taking down. Fried fish may be added if desired along with the boiled dal.


Required :— Rice ½ seer, fried moog-dal ½ seer, potato ½ seer or more, onion 1 powa, ghee ½ powa, salt 2 tolas, ginger 1 tola, turmeric ½ tola, cumin ½ tola, pepper ½ tola, garam-masalla ¼ tola, a few cassia leaves and red chillies.

Method :— Heat the cassia leaves and red chillies with half the ghee and when the chillies turn black drop rice and pulse, washed and dried, and stir for about