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5 minutes. Then pour in water and cover the boiling pot. Add salt, turmeric, cumin, pepper and ginger, all pasted or powdered^ when the rice are half-boiled. Brown pieces of potatoes and onions in ghee or oil and drop them in the khechuri. Add ghee and powdered garam-masalla before finish. Almonds, pistachios and raisins, peeled and cut in pieces, may be added if desired after browning them in ghee. Mix adequate quantities of rose-water with the khechuri in every dish before serving.


Required :— Same as those required in the previous case plus cauliflower.

Method :— Prepare khechuri exactly in the same process as in the case of Golapi-khechuri. Only add browned pieces of cauliflowers instead of onions or along with onions. Entire grams, after keeping them under water for a few hours, are generally browned and added to the khechuri along with the cauliflowers.


Required :— Fried moog-dal 1 seer, rice ½ seer, ghee 1 powa, potato ½ seer or more, onion ½ seer, raisins ½ powa, almonds 1 chhatak, ginger 1 chhatak, pistachios ½ chhatak, salt ½ chhatak, cumin 1 tola, turmeric 1 tola, pepper ½ tola, garam-masalla ½ tola, a few cassia leaves and red chillies, and one ripe cocoa-nut if desired.

Method :— Drop, rice when the water boils. Drop pulse when, the rice are half boiled. Then add salt and