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the mass with a little ghee heated with a few cassia leaves, add a little water and boil gently for a few minutes. Mix a little powdered garam-masalla when the soup is scanty, and take down. This is one of the most delicious preparations.


Peel and chop a few radishes into small pieces and boil them in water. Drain off the water and again wash them with cold water to weaken the disagreeable smell. Now brown the boiled pieces in some oil heated with a few cassia leaves. Then add some til and a little pepper, cumin and coriander, all powdered, with water and a little milk. When it begins to boil add salt, sugar and browned broken bori, and mix thoroughly. Add some ghee before taking down.


Of all the varieties of vegetables and salads palang sak, specially when on the [joint of budding, is particularly suited for ghanta. Tender leaves of pumpkin are usually mixed with them to make the curry more tasteful. Chop the sak fine and wash thoroughly. Boil them and drain off the water. Then mix flour, salt and powdered turmeric, pepper, cumin and red chillies in suitable quantities. Boil some fried fishes in water, pick up the bones and add the mixture of flesh and water, if desired.

Boil some ghee with a few cassia leaves . and cumin, and add the mass. Stir constantly so that the mass may