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not be scorched. Add green peas and some pieces of beans, potatoes and brinjals if you like. Add browned broken bori after a while. The curry is ready when the soup is thick and the mass is completely boiled.


Required:—Green peas ½ seer, potatoes 1 seer, ghee 1 powa, pepper 1 tola, ginger 2 tolas, salt 2 tolas, coriander 2 tolas, sugar 2½ tolas, flour 1 tola, water 1 seer, a little milk, garam-masalla ½ tola, a few cassia leaves.

Method:—Brown the peas and pieces of potatoes separately in two thirds of the ghee. Add the pasted pepper, ginger and salt in the water and boil. Then add the peas and potatoes. When well boiled season them with the rest of the ghee heated with a few cassia leaves. Then mix the powdered coriander, sugar and flour with the milk and pour in. Boil for a few minutes more. Finish by adding the powdered garam-masalla. This is a very tasteful preparation.


Peel and chop about a foot of the tender solid white stem in the core of a banana plant, called thor, into very fine pieces removing every time the thread-like substances that come out. Mix them thoroughly with salt and turmeric. Wait for an hour or so till water trickles out. Remove the water by squeezing. Boil them and drain off the water. Then the preparation is the same as in the case of mocha-ghanta.