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Peel and chop, a very tender pumpkin into fine pieces. Pieces of tender shoots and leaves of pumpkin may, also be used. Boil them and drain off the water. Boil some mustard oil with a few red chillies and pour in the boiled mass with 1 powa or more of poppy seed and 2½ tolas or more of ginger, both pasted. Add a little water if necessary. When it boils add salt and browned broken bori. Cooking finishes when the soup dries up.


Peel and cut a small ripe sweet gourd into small and thin pieces throwing away the interior portion. Scrape out a ripe cocoanut kernel. Brown 1½ seer of the pieces of gourd in oil and add cocoanut, 1 powa or more of milk, sugar 2½ tolas, salt 2 tolas, powdered coriander 3 tolas and cumin 1 tola. When no soup remains, season the curry with ½ powa of ghee heated with a few cassia leaves, red chillies and powdered garam-masalla. Take care that the curry may not turn black at the slightest delay or over-heating.


Take out the kernel of a ripe cocoanut, peel off the skin, and cut in small pieces. Mix turmeric and salt and brown a little with oil. Then add an equal quantity of browned pieces of peeled potatoes. Also add powdered pepper, cumin, coriander, ginger, salt and water in adequate quantities. Seaspn the curry when it is