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N.B.—It is not improbable that C. Napaulensis, D.C. and C. barbellata, Edgew, and some other species of clematis are used for the same purpose as C. Nepaulensis, D.C. There is very little difference in the appearance of these species, and so they are very easily mistaken one for the other.

2. C. triloba, Heyne., I. 3.

Sansk.:—Laghu karni.

Vern:—Moravela, Morvel, Moriel, rânjâi (Bomb.).

Habitat:—Mâwal district mountains of the Deccan, and W. Concan.

An extensive climber. Leaves 1-2 in., silky small simple or one-ternate, entire or 1-3-toothed or lobed, elliptic-ovate or cordate, 3-nerved. Panicle many-flowered. Lower bracts leafy. Flowers 1 1/2-2 in. diam., white. Sepals spreading from the base, 4-6, membranous, oblong, silky outside. Filaments glabrous, narrow-linear, connective of anthers not produced. Petals O. Stamens many. Carpels many, with a pendulous ovule. Fruit—a head of achenes, with a long feathery style.

Parts used:—The leaves.

Medicinal Properties and Uses:—The juice of the leaves, combined with that of the leaves of Holarrhena antidysenterica, is dropped into the eye for the relief of pain in staphyloma; about 2 drops being used. Vaidya Rugnathji of Junagad says the whole plant is a purgative.

It is said to be used as a remedy in leprosy, blood diseases and fever by Sanskrit authors. (S. Arjun).

3. C. Gouriana, Roxb., I. 4. Roxb, 457.

Vern.:—Morvel, rânjâi (Bomb.), Marâthi; Belkun, Belkangau (N. W.).

Habitat:—In the hilly districts, from the Western Himalaya to the Eastern Peninsula, Ceylon, and the Western Peninsula.

An extensive woody climber. Stem thick, striate. Branches widespread, purple, pubescent when young. Leaves pinnate or bipinnate or biternate. Petiole and rachis elongated. Leaflets stalked, unequal, 2-3 1/2 in. long, ovate, or oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, shining above, entirely or distantly toothed, cordate or rounded at base, rather coriaceous shining, wholly