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"Kumudini is only one of my names," I replied. "What a stupid old thing you are not to have recognised me all this time! Why, I knew you the moment you sat down to eat at Ramram Datta's house! Do you suppose I would have allowed you to talk to me in the way you did otherwise, Sir? My own, my husband, your wife is no wanton."

For a time he was as one dumbfounded. Then he asked, "Why then have you deceived me all this time?"

The reply was easy. "The very first day you saw me, you said to me that if you recovered your wife, you would not take her back; otherwise I would have told you then who I was."

I had tied his deed of gift in my sari. I loosed the knot, and showing him the document, I said, "That first night, I resolved that either you would take me back as your true and loving wife, or else I would die. It was in order to carry out that resolve that I induced you to get this paper written. I see now that I did wrongly. If it be my lord's wish, let me come to your