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1633. Winds. Remarks.
Nov. 24 SE, W Frosty, sea gulls seen
25 W Frosty
25 S Mild, the ice left the bay
27 SW, E Fair weather
28 SE Fair mild weather
29 SE Land blocked with ice on S side
30 SE Violent rains
Dec. 1 S.erly Rain, SE at night
2 SE Mild rainy wr. ice set off the land
3 S Rainy, blowing strong
4 S Mild, cloudy
5 S Mild calm weather
6 SE Cloudy
7 SE,S Foggy, snow and frost
8 NE, W Frosty
9 W Clear cold weather, sea full of ice
10 W Frosty nothing but ice at sea
11 W Ditto
12 W Cold weather, calm at night
13 SW Cloudy, SE at night with snow
14 S Clear frosty day, ice removed off land
15 S Dark wr. ice returned
16 SW Moonlight night
17 S Cloudy dark wr. snow, thaw at night
18 S, E Dark rainy day
19 E Hard frost
20 E Do. calm weather dark night
21 E, N Frost and snow
22 N Ice returned, coldest day yet experienced
23 E Frost, snow, stormy night
24 E, NE Hard frost and storm at night
25 S Fair day, at night wind N
26 E, NW Clear frosty day
27 NW At night calm, wind E.erly
28 E, W Violent snow and wind
29 W Clear cold wr. SE at nt. with snow