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1633. Winds. Remarks.
30 SW Blowing hard
31 SW Calm, snow at night
Jan. 1 SW Dark cold weather
2 NE Clear, ice forced to sea
3 SE, A little rain, at night a SW storm
4 W.erly Fierce wind, cold weather, ice returned; E.erly wind at night
Jan. 5 E.erly Thick fog and frost
6 N Increasing wind, with snow
7 N Snowing and freezing hard
8 NE Frosty, excessive cold and stormy at night
9 NE The ice heaped in the bay like huts
10 NE Bright pleasant day, but very cold
11 NE to S & SE Vast quantity of snow with SE wind
12 SE Vast quantity of sn. fell, wr. milder
13 SE Do., ice forced to sea, cold wr.
14 E Tolerably clear
15 E.erly, NE. Snow, ice seen off shore
16 S Milder wr. E at night, with frost
17 E Fog, N at night, froze the bay up in a night
18 N to W Cold, foggy, snow
19 W Abundance of snow
20 W.erly Much snow, E at night, snow
21 E Blowing violently, with thick snow, W at night
22 W A heavy fall of snow
23 W to E Sun visible, clear frosty wr. ice went off
24 W Snowy, S wind at night, cloudy
25 S Strong wind, cold night
26 W Snowing hrd. ice returned, S at night
27 W Mild, E at night, snowy weather
28 W to SE Snow, ice carried a great way off
29 SW, W Dark rainy wr. ice returned
30 Calm clear frosty day, sun seen an hour and a half
31 W.erly, N with frost