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1634. Winds. Remarks.
Feb. 1 W.erly Clear calm wr., bay full of ice
2 NE Clear cold wr. bears grow shy
3 E.erly, SE Cloudy, milder
4 SE to S Milder, snow, ice went off
5 SE and E Cold abated
6 E to SW Clear moonlight night
7 E Blowing strong
8 S Calm wr., ice was carried out of sight
9 N.erly Snowed violently; at night S
10 N to SW Dark and stormy
11 S to E Cloudy
12 E Snow; not very cold for the season
13 E Snowy, calm wr. moonlight night
14 E Clear day; stormy cloudy night
15 E Snow so high could not stir out
16 E Mild, saw two fowls like geese and a falcon
17 E Much snow
18 E Cloudy, mild weather
19 E Fair day, no ice
20 E Mild weather
21 NE Fair and calm, frost and snow at night
22 NE Much snow, frosty
23 NE Some ice returned to the bay
24 E.erly Intense frost, N at night
25 N Cloudy dark night
26 (No remark)
27 Calm mild weather, S wind at night and thaw
28 S Mild wr. ice far off, SW at night
March 1 SW Rainy in the evening
2 W Blowing hard, clear cold weather
3 NE to N Violent wind forced the ice into the bay
4 NE Cloudy calm weather
5 NE Cloudy, cold less severe
6 NE Pleasant, and calm at night
7 NE Do. at night stormy
8 NE Dark cloudy weather