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to appear in their perſons: the rich and the poor, the king and the beggar, the ſtrong and the weak the bound and the free, all must come, whether they will or not; for God hath no reſpect of perſons: And at that great and notable day of the Lord our God, there is no delays to be made. There ſhall be no lawyers to plead for you for every one ſhall have work envugh of his own to do; neither ſhall there be any bribes accepted of: Therefore prepare for that awful day, that the wrath of the Judge may be prevented while you may and provoke not God to anger, leſt your ſouls periſh in his diſpleaſure.

And for your further inſtructions I would wiſh you all to be well adviſed, and to follow the doctrine and counſel of the apoſtle Paul 'Put on the breaſt plate of righteouſneſ and have your feet ſhod with the preparation of the goſpel of peace: taking up the ſhield of faith, and the helmet of ſalvation.' And being thus armed, you need not fear all the enemies that ever can aſſault, or come against you, as you may read in Eph, vi. 14. 15. 16. How to come by this armour, and how uſe it, you muſt learn that of your Captain the Leader Jeſus Chriſt, who ſuffered many perſecutions when he was upon earth; ſuch

as hunger, cold, baniſhment, ſcorning and taunts, whipping and buffering, ſpitting o(illegible text) the face, and at laſt nailed to the croſs and