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and the joys of heaven hereafter, which Our Saviour Chriſt purchaſed with his moſt precious blood. Some there are likewiſe, that bear a ſhow Of Godlineſs, and yet they cannot ſpare one hour in the way to hear a good ſermon, or to ſerve God in. Others there are, that do utterly deny, and as it were, make a ſcoff ofthe Scriptures of truth: But I wiſh that all ſuch perſons would conſider, that at the laſt, it will be ſaid to ſuch 'Behold, ye deſpiſers! wonder and periſh! Jeſus Chrift the righteous Judge of all the world, ſhall ſay unto then, Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity: For if you believe not Moſes and the prophets, neither will ye believe though one roſe from the dead.'

And now, beloved Chriſtians I would have you to conſider and think on this, that the day of judgment is near at hand, and every ſoul ſhall ſtand at the bar of arraignment, before the righteous Judge, and to render up an account of all their deeds actions, good and evil; and then ſhall the good beſevered from the bad; and the good, with joy and

triumph, be received into everlaſting happineſs; and the wicked be caſt into utter darkneſs, where nothing elſe is to be heard or ſeen, but weeping, howling, and gnaſhing of teeth. Moreover, I would have you conſider, that at the general judgment, there are none to be exempted or excuſed from coming to this bar; and every one ſhall be forced