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of the Lord redoubled unto them and thereby they ſhall be brought to ripeneſs of underſtanding, whereby to know and diftinguiſh between good and bad, which may be a great furtherance to them in their way to heaven. True knowledge is of ſuch excellent virtue, that it is ſufficient to bring us acquainted with the principle things that are to be had in this life; and after this life is ended it fall bring our ſouls into everlaſting happineſs. True knowledge makes, you underſtand, that God the Father created us; that God the Son redeemed us, and that God the Holy Ghoft ſanctifieth us, and presſerveth all thoſe that truly believe that Jeſus Chrift ſuſſered death upon the croſs, to ſave our ſouls from the tyranny of the devil, and from the torments of hell; as you may read in Matth. xiii where it is ſaid, 'Bleſſed are your eyes, for they ſee; and your ears for they hear; and your hearts, for they underſtand.' And to be brief, true knowledge and underſtanding may very well be termed, 'A Key to open the gates of heaven' Then, what man or woman will be ſo wilfully blind, as to neglect the ſeeking after ſuch an excellent virtue? Yet there are ſome, and too many in theſe ſinful and wicked times, that are ſo careleſs and regardleſs, that they had rather chuſe to follow the vain delights and pleaſures of this wicked world than to look for the redemption of their ſouls