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and take heed in time what you do; he that hateth his neighbour, hateth his brother and he that hateth his brother hateth God; and he that hateth God, will never find the way to heaven. Therefore let all then that are called by the name of Chriſtians, ſhew themſelves like Chriſtians, laying aſide all hatred, ſpite, envy, malice, lying, ſlander, backbiting, hypocriſy and diſſimulation, and withal to break ſuch bread as you would have broken; and likewiſe to do unto all men as you would they ſhould do unto you. This to be ſure is the neareſt way to heaven. but more than this is to be done, before ye come to your journey's end. You muſt repent of all your former iniquities; you muſt do good to them that have done evil to you; and you muſt forgive them their treſpaſſes, as you look to be forgiven at the hand of God. And ſo far muſt your minds and hearts be given to quietneſs that you muſt not ſo much as let the sun go down upon your wrath: "For vengeance is mine, ſaith the Lord, and I will repay it."

Thirdly, Every Chriſtian ought at all times both early and late, to pray unto the Lord, that he will add a bleſſing to their endeavours; and the better to be employed, let them follow after God's preachers, and hear them preach and teach, that are both able and willing to declare the word of God unto them and ſo by degrees they fall find the mercie-