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Nami no hana ni
Tomari kanétaru,
Kochō kana!

[Having found it difficult indeed to perch upon the (foam-) blossoms of the waves,alas for the butterfly!]

Mutsumashi ya!—
Nobé no chō.[1]

[If (in our next existence) we be born into the state of butterflies upon the moor, then perchance we may be happy together!]

Nadéshiko ni
Chōchō shiroshi—
Taré no kon?[2]

[On the pink-flower there is a white butterfly: whose spirit, I wonder?]

Ichi-nichi no
Tsuma to miëkéri—
Chō futatsu.

[The one-day wife has at last appeareda pair of butterflies!]

  1. Or perhaps the verses might be more effectively rendered thus: " Happy together, do you say? Yes—if we should be reborn as field-butterflies in some future life: then we might accord ! " This poem was composed by the celebrated poet Issa, on the occasion of divorcing his wife.
  2. Or, Taré no tama?