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Holy in heaven,
Them he suspended
And sent to the seven[1] worlds,
For the poor and the rich,
Panacea for all.
It standeth against pain
It stoundeth at venom,
Strong it is gainst three
And against thirty;
Gainst the hand of the fiend,
(To the Lord low it louted)
Gainst foul fascination
Of farm stock of mine.

Now these nine worts avail Gainst nine exiles from glory,[2] Gainst nine venoms, and nine flying vile things, Gainst the red venom, Gainst the stinking venom, Gainst the white venom, Gainst the watchet venom, Gainst the yellow venom, Gainst the green venom, Gainst wan livid venom, Gainst watchet veDom, Gainst the brown venom, Gainst the purple venom, Gainst worm blister, Gainst water blister, Gainst thorn blister, Gainst thistle blister, Gainst ice blister, Gainst poison blister, if any ill come flying from east, or any come from north, Or any from west, Over the human race Christ stood over men opposingly. I alone know Him beaming and the nine adders behold Him. All weeds now may Give way to worts. Seas may dissolve, All salt water, when I this venom from thee blow.

46. Mugwort, way broad which spreadeth open towards the east, lambscress, attorlothe, maythen, nettle, crab apple, chervil, fennel, and old soap; work the worts to a dust, mingle with the soap and with the verjuice of the

  1. The seven spheres in which the seven planets revolve, the earth beine the centre of observation.
  2. Glory banished ones; devils. The alliterative measure continues, with some error at North.