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Mrs. Blague’s. However, ſhe ſupp’d with her huſband, when on a ſudden ſomebody came on a feigned errand, and ſaid, Her mother had taken ill, and deſired to ſpeak with her. He would have gone with her, but ſhe put it off; and giving him the laſt kiſs he ever was to receive from her, ſhe left him, and coming where the chariot ſtood ready, ſhe and Mrs. Blague got into it, and were conveyed into the King’s ſecret apartment, where they found him in his cloſet. He welcomed them, but it being late, Mrs. Blague departed, and they went to bed.

Mr. Shore, ſitting up late, and his wife not returning, was very much troubled, and went to his mother- in-law’s, but they had nor ſeen her, nor was her mother ill; ſo that her abſence troubled the whole family. The next day was ſpent in ſeeking for her amongſt her relations and friends, but found her not. Mrs. Blague proteſted ſhe had not ſeen her and dropped ſome diſſembling tears,