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Letter from the Archbishop — Visit to the "Encarnacion" — Reception — Description — The Novices — Convent-supper — Picturesque scene — Sonata on the Organ — Attempt at robbery — Alarms of the household — Visit to San Agustin — Anonymous letter — The Virgin de los Remedios — Visit to the Chapel — The Padre — The Image — Anecdote of the large pearl — A mine.


The Archbishop has not only granted me permission to visit the convents, but permits me to take two ladies along with me, of which I have been informed by the Minister, Señor C——o, in a very amiable note, just received, enclosing one from Señor Posada, which I translate for your edification.


To His Excellency, Señor Don J. de D. C——o.

April 24th, 1842.


The Abbess and Nuns of the Convent of the Encarnacion are now prepared to receive the visit of our three pilgrims, next Sunday, at half past four in the afternoon, and should that day not suit them, let them mention what day will be convenient.

Afterwards we shall arrange their visit to the Concepcion, Enseñanza Antigua, and Jesus Maria, which