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Fête-day — Friendly Hint — Precautions — General tranquillity — President in San Agustin — Revisit Museum — Ancient manuscripts — Sculpture — Bronze bust, &c. — Freshness after rain — Ball at the French Minister's — Pamphlet — Gutierrez Estrada — His character — Concealment — Mexicalsingo — Minister of the Treasury — Archbishop's permission — Paintings — Mexican Painters — Santa Teresa — Description of the interior — The Penitences — Tortures — Disciplines, &c. — Supper — Profane ballads — Monasteries — San Francisco — Padre Prior — Soldiers and Friars.

October 3d.

Yesterday being C——n's fête-day, we had a dinner and small soirée, and according to custom, visits the whole day. A very agreeable guest from Havana, Don J—— A——, arrived to spend a few weeks with us. We had rather a pleasant party, and some good singing; but just as dancing had begun, C——n took me aside, and showed me a little friendly note which he had received while at dinner,