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The Little Book of the

ful of the merits and prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Peter, and Saint Paul, and all the Saints; and whatever has been wanting, either in my contrition or my confession, do Thou supply, through the Death and Passion of Jesus Christ our Lord.


I return to Thee and give Thee hearty thanks, Lord Jesus, that Thou hast been pleased to absolve me from my sins and to wash me in Thy Precious Blood.

Thou castest out none that sincerely come to Thee, but receivest them into Thy favour and numberest them among Thy children. I thank and adore Thee for Thy mercy and goodness to me; and I give myself wholly to Thy service for the time to come. Without Thee I can do nothing. Assist my weakness, and suffer me not again to fall into sin, which separates me