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Most Holy Child Jesus.



From the Catechism.

O my God, who art infinitely good and always hatest sin, I beg pardon from my heart for all my offences against Thee; I detest them all, and am heartily sorry for them, because they offend Thy infinite goodness; and I firmly resolve, by the help of Thy grace, never more to offend Thee, and carefully to avoid the occasions of sin.

Or the Act of Contrition on page 16.

If your Confessor should ask you to repeat an Act of Contrition, you may say the one above from the Catechism.

Listen attentively to his advice, and make a sincere Act of Contrition, as he gives you holy Absolution.

Then go and, kneeling down, say your penance and make use of the following prayers:

Merciful Father in Heaven, may this my confession be acceptable to Thee. Be mind-