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The Little Book of the

from my inmost heart. Give me a lively faith in the mercy of my dear Redeemer, and teach me to detest all my past sins and my ingratitude, and to make a firm purpose of amendment, and a sincere resolution to begin a new life.

Blessed Mary, Mother of my Saviour, refuge of sinners, pray for me that through the Passion of Thy Son I may have the happiness to make a good confession.

Then make your examination.


Touch my heart with true sorrow, O Lord, for having so often carelessly and even wilfully offended against Thee, who lovest me so much, and who hast done with untiring love so much for me. Let my repentance be sincere, that I may escape eternal punishment, and may it produce in me the fruit of a new life, to the salvation of my soul and the glory of Thy holy Name.