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The Little Book of the

If it is not worth putting your heart into, do not do it at all A great Saint, who did wonderful things for God, and who, like all other Saints, was never idle, used to say, 'Age quod agis.' Do what you do. That is, do it thoroughly—do not half do it. If it is worth doing, don't slur it over; it is for God. Pray when you pray, work when you work, play with a zest when you play, and you will be happier in all.


Never tell lies, thinking that they are only little ones. It is always a great matter to trifle with the truth.

If you have done anything which you think will bring you into trouble, do not excuse yourself by an untruth. If you have a true excuse to give, give it. It is your due. If you have no excuse, let it alone; bravely bear the blame and the punishment, if it comes, and you will have nothing upon your conscience. Nothing