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Most Holy Child Jesus.


can need a lie. It will require courage to tell the truth sometimes; but then I do not know how you are to get to Heaven without being brave. When another person has a right to the truth, and the truth is required of you, tell it, come what may, and leave the rest to God.


All that is noble in our nature shrinks from the coward. Dare to be true. Dare to defend the truth, and God, who is truth, will not forget you. Dare to take the part of the innocent and oppressed, the weak and helpless, when they are wronged. Be ashamed to side with the strong and powerful when they are unkind and oppressive.

Never shrink from danger when it is not of your own seeking, and when it is your duty to incur it for God's sake or the sake of others.

Dare to take the blame upon yourself also when the blame belongs to you. Never