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Most Holy Child Jesus.


If you live in a Protestant land, you may find many to sneer at you and your Faith, but that does not matter. They who do this do it from ignorance; they know not what they do. The Faith is dearer to you than life, and so it would be to them if they had it. Perhaps, if the good God had given them the Faith, they would have been much better than you are. Do not consider yourself superior to them or better than they. It is a terrible misfortune to be brought up in heresy, without a knowledge of the true Faith.


Do not be greedy or selfish. Few things are more hateful than to see a person who only thinks of himself, his own comfort, his own enjoyment. Such a disposition, given way to, will lead you into many meannesses and sins. Give up gladly your own comfort and convenience for the sake of others. It will make you happier in