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The Little Book of the

men, robbers who make the traveller their prey.

Why is that tender Babe brought from home, from the land of His birth, out into this desert place?

Herod, the king, seeks to kill Him.

He who is Lord of heaven and earth, Creator and King of angels and of men, was called 'King of the Jews' by the wise men.

Herod the king is jealous. He is in fear of this little Babe. He seeks to slay the Child.

That He may not escape, he orders all the little ones of Bethlehem to die.

This little Child has come into the world to save His people; and not only has He not where to lay His head, but they seek to take His tender life with cruel sword.

So it is that, far away across that desert, where of old His people Israel wandered, He has to flee with Mary and Joseph into the strange dark land of Egypt.