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Most Holy Child Jesus.


Does He say, 'I will not save these men. They seek to shed My Blood, to take the life of Me, who came to be their life'?

'I will not save them'!

No. It is already in His Heart, 'Father, forgive them.'

The wilder their hate, the more tender His love.

Dear Child Jesus, I will bear no anger nor hatred in my heart.

I forgive all who have vexed me, or who have sought to do me harm.

Give me grace, for Thy dear sake, always to forgive, always to pray for those who may injure me or wish me ill.

Dear Mother Mary, it was sorrow, not anger, that filled thy heart. Thou couldst not but pray for the enemies of thy dear Son. Pray that I may have ever a forgiving heart.

Holy Joseph, pray for me.

Most Holy Child Jesus, save Thy children.