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talking French to me very fast when I say Merci or Bon jour as Hattie King does. The sleeves of my blue dress were all worn out and Meg put in new ones but the full front came wrong and they are more blue than the dress. I felt bad but did not fret I beai my troubles well but I do wish Hannah would pul more starch in my aprons and have buck wheats every day. Can't she? Didn't I make that interrigation point nice. Meg says my punchtuation and spelling are disgraceful and I am mortyfied but dear me I have so many things to do I can't stop. Adieu, I send heaps of love to Papa.

"Your affectionate daughter, " Amy Curtis March."

" Dear Mis March :

"I jes drop a line to say we git on fust rate. The girls is clever and fly round right smart. Miss Meg is goin to make a proper good housekeeper ; she hes the liking for it, and gits the hang of things sur- prisin quick. Jo dooS beat all for goin ahead, 'but she don't stop to cal'k'late fust, and you never know where she's like to bring up. She done out a tub of clothes on Monday, but she starched em afore they was wrenched, and blued a pink calico dress till I thought I should a died a, laughin. Beth is the best of little creeters, and a sight of help to me, bein so forehanded and dependable. She tries to learn every- thing, and really goes to market beyond her years ; likewise keeps accounts, with my help, quite won- derful. We have got on very economical so fur ; I