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On an old fishing boat He bade Scotland good night.
O the broad Swords. &c.

Our Scottish ancestors were valiant and bold,
In leaving ne'er beat nor in battle controul'd,
But now-shall I name it!—Alas! we're all sold.
O the Broad Swords of Scotland,
And O the Old Scottish Broad Swords.

The Caledonian Laddie,

Blyth Sandy is a bonny boy
and always is a wooing,
Nor is he e'er too ho'd or coy,
although he is so loving.
Last night he prest me to his cheek.
and vow'd he'd ask my daddy, O,
O dear to wed me he confess'd,
the Caledonian laddie, O,
Chor. O, my bonny, bonny highland boy,
my bonny, bonny Highland lad.
My bonny, bonny Highland laddie O,
my Caledonian laddie, O.

The maidens cry baith far and near
to gain young Sandy over,
But all their art I didna fear.
he winna prove a rover
For sure he tal' me frank and free,
unknown to dad or mammy, O,
He'll marry me ah! nane but me,
the Caledonian laddie, O. O my, &c.

The tother day from Dundee fair,

he brought me hame a bonnet,