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SPECIFICATION No. III. (continued).

    £ s. d.
 Brought forward396
1Brass Bottle Jack and Crane086
1Jack Screen0126
1Block Tin Fish Kettle0511
1Mincing Machine096
1Knife Machine, to clean 3 knives and carvers156
2Cooks' Knives046
1Dish-up Fork with Guard019
1Game Oven036
1Fluted Hanging Gridiron026
1Strong Wire Hanging Gridiron020
1Set Best Scales and Weights 14 lb.096
1Meat Saw0211
1Meat Chopper026
1Iron Frying Pan020
1Iron Kettle046
1Tin Kettle, Copper Bottom033
1Double Oven Pan046
2Cake Tins010
2Tin Moulds029
12Tin Dariol Moulds016
1Box Plain and Fluted Pastry Cutters030
24Patty Pans, plain006
1Fish Slice010
1Egg Slice010
1Set Skewers, 6d., 9d.013
1Wire Toast Fork006
1Vegetable Scoop010
1Vegetable Cutter010
1Root Knife009
1Sugar Dredge013
1Flour Dredge009
1Tin Funnel006
2Gravy Strainers, flat and conical024
1Wire Egg Whisk010
1Tin Opener006
1Lemon Squeezer010
1Composition Mortar and Pestle033
1Wire Fry Basket020
1Fish Frying Pan with Wire Drainer0311
1Spice Box026
6Iron Spoons, assorted016
6Wood Spoons010
1Hair Sieve020
1Tinned Wire Sieve026
1Baking Plate, oblong0111
1Dust Pan012
1Flour Bin, Japanned049
2Each Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters090
1Potato Masher010
1Gallon Pail016
1Gallon Oval Wash-up Pan030
1Paste Board026
1Rolling Pin009
2Wire Dish Covers, 1s. 6d., 2. 036
3Enamelled Pie Dishes026
3Enamelled Pudding Basins020
1Enamelled Water Ewer, 8 pint026
1Kitchen Fender066
1Set Kitchen Fire Irons033
1Coal Hod029
1Set Stove Brushes029
1Set Shoe Brushes046
1Hair Broom and Handle030
1Bass or Yard Broom020
3Scrubbing Brushes030


Suitable for very small Houses.

    £ s. d.
3Tinned Iron Saucepans 060
1Tinned ditto, with steamer036
1Tinned Oval Boiling Pot, 3 galls049
2Enamelled Steel Saucepans020
1Iron Kettle036
1Tin Kettle019
1Frying Pan, iron019
1Baking Pan013
1Yorkshire Pudding Tin008
2Cake Tins009
12Patty Pans004
1Fish Kettle046
1Tin Colander016
3Iron Spoons009