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SPECIFICATION No. IV. (continued).

    £ s. d.
 Brought forward1151
1Root Knife006
1Flour Dredge010
1Pepper Box004
2Cooks' Knives026
1Hanging Wire Gridiron016
1Fish Slice009
1Egg Slice009
1Set Skewers006
1Vegetable Scoop0010
1Baking Sheet016
1Cooks' Fork010
1Fry Basket016
1Gravy Strainer010
1Hair Sieve010
1Wire Sieve013
1Spice Box016
1Tin Opener004
1Tea, Coffee, and Sugar Canister046
1Flour Bin, Japanned032
1Potato Masher0010½
2Enamelled Pie Dishes016
3Enamelled Pudding Basin011
1Enamelled Jug, 3 pint0011
1Enamelled Preserving Pan056
1Patent Steamer Cooker, 4 vessels0104
1Pestle and Mortar0211
1Lemon Squeezer009
1Bread Grater007
1Coffee Pot016
1Tea Pot016
1Gallon Pail010
1Galvanized Oval Washing-up Pan022
1Spring Balance Family Scales, 20 lb.0411
1Knife Machine, "Servants Friend"0133
1Mincing Machine048
1Coffee Mill036
1Set Stove Brushes0111½
1Set Boot Brushes036
1Hair Broom and Handle026
1Bass or Yard Broom and Handle016
2Scrubbing Brushes020

Turnery and Brushes, etc.—To render the information given here as complete as possible, lists are appended: (1) of the various articles usually comprehended under the general term "Turnery," with brushes; and (2) of numerous sundries of which it is always desirable to know the price. As it is impossible to give prices where many sizes of the same article are on sale, the minimum only has been stated, preceded by the word "from."

TURNERY (Best London Make) and BRUSHES.

    £ s. d.
Butter Printsfrom006
Butter Prints, in Case {{{1}}}009
Knife Trays, Mahogany {{{1}}}039
Knife Trays, Oak {{{1}}}026
Knife Trays, Wicker {{{1}}}046
Knife Trays, Japanned, Single. {{{1}}}020
Knife Trays, Japanned, Double. {{{1}}}056
Plate Baskets, Wicker {{{1}}}026
Meat Safes, Wooden, Zinc Panels {{{1}}}0176
Meat Safes, Japanned Wire {{{1}}}100
Jelly Bags {{{1}}}030
Jelly Bags, Wood Stand foreach046
Plate Racksfrom080
Housemaid's Box, Deal {{{1}}}029
Decanter Drainers {{{1}}}020
Linen Press {{{1}}}1100
Washing Trays {{{1}}}050
Clothes-horse {{{1}}}026
Wicker Plate Carriers {{{1}}}080
Cask Stand, Patent {{{1}}}076
Beer Taps {{{1}}}026
Stands for Trays—   
Unpolished 096
Polished 0130
Best Boxwood Churnsfrom150
Butter Knives {{{1}}}030
Butter Hands {{{1}}}013
Salt Box {{{1}}}019
Carried forward £980