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Article. Average Price.
Turtle (Brand's) 1s. 5d. per qt. tin.
Ox Tail, Mock Turtle, Hare, Julienne, Mulligatawny, Gravy, and Giblet From 1s. per qt. tin.
Soups (Crosse & Blackwell, and Lazenby)—
Game—Hare 1s. 6d. per qt. tin.
Mock Turtle, Ox Tail 1s. 4d. per qt. tin.
Giblet, Mulligatawny 1s. 4d. per qt. tin.
Julienne 1s. per qt. tin.
Gravy, Vegetable 1s. per qt. tin.
Green Pea 7d. per qt. tin.
Mutton Broth 1s. per qt. tin.
Truffles 1s. 8d. ¼ bottle.
Artichokes 1s. 4½d. per bot.
Asparagus 1s. per tin.
Celery 9d. per tin.
French Beans 1s. per tin.
Green Peas 10d. per qt. tin.
Haricots, Verts 1s. per qt. tin.
Macedoine 10½d. per qt. tin.
Mushrooms 1s. per qt. tin.
Tomatoes 4d. to 6d. per tin.


Article. Average Price.
Abernethy 6d. per lb.
Almond Rings 6d. per lb.
Arrowroot 7d. per lb.
Arrowroot (thin) 8d. per lb.
Bath 7d. per lb.
Breakfast 8d. per lb.
Butter 5d. per lb.
Butter Cream 7d. per lb.
Butter Fingers d. per lb.
Butter Nuts d. per lb.
Cinderella 6d. per lb.
Captain 5d. per lb.
Cheese 5d. per lb.
Coffee 10d. per lb.
Colonial 6d. per lb.
Cracknel 1s. per lb.
Cream Cracker 6d. per lb.
Dessert 10d. to 1s. 3d per lb.
Digestive 9d. per lb.
Dinner 9d. per lb.
Garibaldi 6d. per lb.
Ginger From 6d. per lb.
Ginger Nuts 6d. per lb.
Ice Creams 1s. 8d. per lb.
Jam Fingers 8d. per lb.
Kindergarten 5d. per lb.
Lunch From 3d. per lb.
Macaroons 11d. per lb.
Marie 8d. per lb.
Mâitre d'Hotel From 1s. per lb.
Milk 5d. per lb.
Mixed From 6d. per lb.
Nice From 6d. per lb.
Oat cakes 1s. 6d. per lb.
Olive 10½d. per lb.
Osborne 7d. per lb.
Oswego 9d. per lb.
Ratafias 1s. 6d per lb.
Shortbread From 9d. per tin.
Tea 6d. per lb.
Toast 7d. per lb.
Water 5d. per lb.
Wafers (various) 1s. 2d. to 1s. 8d.
Wholemeal 8d. per lb.


Article. Average Price.
Arrowroot From 5d. to 10d. per lb.
Barley 2d. per lb.
Corn Flour 5d. per lb. packet.
Groats 4d. per lb. packet.
Hominy 2d. per lb.
Lentil Flour 3d. per lb.
Oatmeal From 2½d. per lb.
Pea Flour 6d. per tin.
Rangoon 2d. per lb.
Patna d. per lb.
Java d. per lb.
Carolina 3d. per lb.
Ground 2d. per lb.
Sago, Small 2d. per lb.
Large d. per lb.
Semolina d. per lb.
Tapioca 2d. per lb.
Best 4d. per lb.
Vermicelli d. per lb.