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Punch a la Romaine (Fr.). A kind of soft white ice, made from lemon-juice white of egg, sugar, and rum. It is served in goblets, usually after the remove, and acts as a digestive. It forms a sort of interlude be- tween two acts of that grand play the dinner.

Purée (Fr.). A smooth pulp, mashed vegetables, thick soup. The name is also given to meat or fish which is cooked, pounded in a mortar, and passed through a sieve.

Quark (Ger.J. Name of a German cheese, similar to curd cheese, known in France as " fromage mou."

Quartier d'agneau (Fr.). A quarter of lamb.

Quasi de veau (Fr.). The chump end of a loin of veal.

Quenèfres (Fr.). An Italian paste, similar to macaroni used for soups, etc.

Quenelles (Fr.). Forcemeat of different kinds, composed of fish, poultry or meat, eggs, etc., shaped in various forms balls, ovals, etc., poached, and served as an entree or garnish to soup, etc.

Queue (Fr.). Tail. " Queues de boeuf," " queues d'ecrevisses." Ox-tail, crayfish tails, etc.

Quoorma. Name of a very mild Indian curry.

Rafraichir (Fr.). To refresh or cool by immersion in cold water or re- frigeration.

Ragoût (Fr.). A rich stew of meat, highly seasoned.

Ramequin (Fr.). Ramakin. Cheese fritter ; small fondues served in china or paper cases.

Râper (Fr.). To scrape, shred, rasp or grate.

Ratafie or Ratafia. A culinary essence ; the essence of bitter almonds. A special kind of almond biscuits, in the shape of drops, are called ratafias. The name is also given to a liqueur flavoured with almonds.

Raton (Fr.). A kind of cheesecake.

Ravigote (Fr.). A very richly flavoured green herb sauce ; served cold. First heard of in 1720. " Ducereau, a French writer, mentions it in one of his poems.

Ravioles (Fr.). Small round nouille-paste dumplings, filled with spinach, forcemeat, etc. Used as garniture for soups.

Réchauffé (Fr.). Warmed-up meat recooked or redressed.

Réchauffer. To re-heat.

Réduire (Fr.). To boil down, to reduce ; to boil liquid gradually to a desired consistency.

Relever (Fr.). To remove, to turn up, to raise.

Relevé (Fr.). The remove. A course of a dinner, consisting of large joints of meat, four-footed game, and sometimes joints of fish.

Remouillage (Fr.). Second stock.

Rémoulade (Fr.). A cold sauce, flavoured with savoury herbs and mustard, used as salad-dressing, etc.

Renaissance (Fr.). Something reintroduced. A word used for dishes of modern invention.

Rennet. The name given to the prepared inner membrane of a calf's, pig's, hare's or fowl's stomach ; used for curdling or coagulating milk.

Rillettes (Fr.). A French savoury meat preparation, used for hors d'oeuvres and savouries.

Ris de veau (Fr.). Calf's sweetbread.

Rissolé (ée) (Fr.). Well browned, fried or baked, covered with crumbs. Rissoles (Fr.). A mixture of minced fish or meat, enclosed in paste, half- moon shapes, and fried in fat or butter.

Rissolettes. Similar to rissoles ; thin pancakes being used in place of paste.

Rizzered Haddie. The name of a Scotch dish, made from haddocks or cod-fish dried in the sun.