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Rognons (Fr.). Kidneys.

Romaine (Fr.). Cos lettuce. " A la Romaine," Roman style.

Romankeintjes (Du.). A Dutch pastry made of eggs, sugar, and almonds.

Roquefort (Fr.). Roquefort, a highly-esteemed French cheese.

Rôti (Fr.). The roast, indicating the course of a meal which is served before the entremets. Roast meat, poultry, and game.

Roulade (Fr.). Roll, rolling. Rolled meat smoked and cooked.

Roux (Fr.). A preparation of butter and flour for thickening soups and sauces.

Royal. Name of an egg custard used for garnishing clear soups. Also the name applied to an icing (glace royale), made with whites of egg and icing sugar, and used for coating and decoration.

Sabayon (Fr.). Pudding sauce, composed of cream or milk, sugar, white wine, and eggs.

Saccharometer. A culinary thermometer. An instrument to test the various degrees of heat for cooking.

Saignant (Fr.). Underdone, bloody. Saindoux (Fr.). Hog's lard. Used for frying and for modelling socles, flowers, etc.

Salade (Fr.). Salad. Raw herbs, edible plants, raw and cooked vegetables, etc., dressed with oil and vinegar.

Salamandre (Fr.). An utensil which, after being made red hot, is used for browning any dishes that want colour.

Saler (Fr.). To salt, to season with salt. " Saler de la viande," to cure meat.

Saleratus. A kind of baking powder, consisting of potash, incorporated with an acid. A natural mineral water.

Sally Luns or Lunn. Name of a kind of tea-cake, slightly sweetened and raised with brewer's yeast. Sally Lunn was a pastrycook who. at the close of the eighteenth century, used to make and sell a kind of tea-biscuits known as Sally Lunns. She used to sell these in the streets of Bath.

Salmagundi. Name of a very old English supper dish. It is a kind of meat salad, mixed and decorated with hard-boiled eggs, anchovy, pickles, and beetroot.

Salmi or Salmis. A hash made of half -roasted game.

Salpicon. A mince of poultry or game with ham, tongue, and mushrooms, used for croquettes, bouchees, rissoles, etc.

Salsify or Salsifls. An edible plant ; sometimes called oyster plant, the flavour of the root resembling somewhat that of the oyster.

Salzgurken (Ger.). A German pickle served with boiled or roast meats, made of cucumbers soused in salt water.

Samp. A food composed of coarsely-ground maize, boiled and eaten with milk (American dish).

Sanbaglione. A delicious sweet chocolate cream, served in glasses either hot or cold.

Sangaree. The name of an Indian punch drink. It is made with sherry, water, lemon-juice, and sugar.

Sangler (Fr.). To strap, to girth. To prepare the ice mixture ready for freezing. One part of salt to five parts of broken ice is the proper proportion used for freezing.

Sapaceau (Fr.). An egg punch.

Sarbotière (Fr.). A pewter freezing-pot or freezing-pan.

Sassafras. The name of an agreeable beverage much drunk in North America. A tree of the laurel family.

Sasser (Fr.). To sift. To stir rapidly with a spoon in a stewpan.

Sauce piquante (Fr.). A sharp sauce.