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Trousser (Fr.). To tie up, to truss a bird.

Truffer (Fr.). To garnish a sauce with truffles, or to season the interior of poultry or game with truffle stuffing, such as capons, turkeys, and pheasants.

Truite saumonée (Fr.). Salmon trout.

Tutti-frutti (It.). An Italian expression for various kinds of fruits, or a mixture of cooked vegetables.

Tyrolienne (à la) (Fr.). Tyrolean style.

Usquebaugh. The name of an Irish beverage (whisky), consisting of a compound spirit made with spices and sugar.

Vanille (à la). Flavoured with vanilla.

Vanner (Fr.). To stir a sauce quickly so as to work it up lightly in order to make it smooth.

Vénitienne (à la) (Fr.). Venetian style.

Velouté (Fr.). A rich white sauce. Foundation sauce.

Vermicelle (Fr.). Vermicelli (It.). Very fine rolls of paste, made from the dough of wheat flour, and forced through cylinders or pipes till it takes a slender, worm-like form, when it is dried; used in soups, puddings, and for crumbing.

Vert-pré (Fr.). Name of a green herb sauce or garnish.

Viande (Fr.). Meat, viands. An ancient name for victuals.

Viennoise (à la). Vienna or Viennese style.

Vin blanc (au) (Fr.). Dressed with white wine.

Vinaigre (Fr.). Vinegar. Vinaigrer, to season with vinegar.

Vinaigrette (Fr.). A sauce of vinegar, oil, pepper, and herbs.

Volaille (Fr.). Poultry, chicken.

Vol-au-vent (Fr.). A light round puff paste crust, filled with delicately flavoured ragoûts of chicken, sweetbread, etc. (à la financiére).

Volière. Birdcage style of dressing poultry or game.

Vopalliére. A dish of small chicken fillets, larded and braised, served with truffle sauce.

Vraie tortue (Fr.). Real turtle.

Xeres (Sp.). Spanish strong wine of deep amber colour and aromatic flavour; so-called from Xeres, a place near Cadiz.

Zabyajone (It.). A frothing mixture of wine, yolks of eggs and sugar, thickened over the fire and served hot in glasses.

Zambaglione. A kind of chocolate cream, served in glasses either hot or cold.

Zéphire (Fr.). Name of a small oval-shaped forcemeat dumpling, a kind of quenelle, poached and served with a rich sauce.

Zuppa al brodo. A fish broth with toasted bread and cheese.

Zythum or Zythos. A liquid made from malt and wheat; a kind of malt beverage.