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much of the oyster stock as will bring to the proper consistency. Use for stuffing fish or poultry.

Time.—30 minutes. Average Cost,1s. 6d. to 2s. Sufficient for 1 goose.


Method.—Take 4 apples, peeled and cored, 4 onions, 4 leaves of sage, 4 leaves of lemon thyme not broken, and boil them in a stewpan with sufficient water to cover them; when done, pulp them through a sieve, removing the sage and thyme; then add sufficient pulp of mealy potatoes to cause it to be sufficiently dry, without sticking to the hand; add pepper and salt, and stuff the bird.

Lemon Thyme (Fr. thym). Thymus citridorus, is a variety of the familiar aromatic herb. It is a trailing evergreen of smaller growth than the garden thyme, and is remarkable for its smell, which resembles that of the rind of a lemon: hence its distinctive name. Lemon thyme is cultivated in gardens for its fragrant odour, and is used for seasoning, and for some particular dishes, in which it is desired the fragrance of the lemon should slightly predominate.


Ingredients.—2 tablespoonfuls of finely-chopped suet, 4 tablespoonfuls of breadcrumbs, 1 good dessertspoonful of finely-chopped parsley, ½ a teaspoonful of powdered mixed herbs, ¼ of a teaspoonful of grated lemon-rind, 1 egg and a little milk, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Method.—Mix all the dry ingredients well together, add the egg and sufficient milk to slightly moisten the whole, season to taste, and use.

Time.—20 to 30 minutes. Average Cost, 3d. to 4d.


Ingredients.—½ lb. of truffles (preferably fresh ones), ½ a lb. of veal, ½ a lb. of pork or bacon (fat and lean in equal parts), 1 finely-chopped shallot, 1 glass of sherry, salt and pepper.

Method.—Pass the veal and pork or bacon 2 or 3 times through a mincing machine, or chop the meat very finely, pound in a mortar until quite smooth, then pass through a wire sieve. Chop the shallot and truffles finely, add them to the meat preparation, season to taste, and moisten with the sherry and a little stock, or liquor from the truffles when using bottled ones. Use as required.

Average Cost.—6 to 8 shillings. Sufficient for 1 small turkey.


Ingredients.—1 lb. of fillet of veal, ¼ of a pint of stock, 1 oz. of butter, 2 ozs. of flour, 2 eggs, salt and pepper.

Method.—Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the flour and the stock, stir and cook until the mixture forms a compact mass round the bowl