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of crimson blood. "Oh! I'm bleeding", she cried, "what have you done?"

"Nothing", I answered, a little sulky, I'm afraid, at having my indescribable pleasure cut short, "nothing" and in a moment I had got out of bed, and taking my handkerchief soon wiped away the telltale traces.

But when I wanted to begin again, Jessie wouldn't hear of it at first:

"No, no", she said. "You've hurt me really, Jim, (my Christian name, I had told her, was James) and I'm scared, please be good". I could only do her will, till a new thought struck me. At any rate I could see her now and study her beauties one by one, and so still lying by her I began kissing her left breast and soon the nipple grew a little stiff in my mouth. Why, I didn't know and Jessie said she didn't, but she liked it when I said her breasts were lovely and indeed they were, small and firm while the nipples pointed straight out. Suddenly the thought came, surprising me: it would have been much prettier if the circle surrounding the nipples had been rose-red instead of merely umber brown. I was thrilled by the bare idea. But her flanks and belly were lovely; the navel like a curled sea-shell, I thought, and the triangle of silky brown hairs on the Mount of Venus seemed to me enchanting, but Jessie kept covering her beauty-place. "It's ugly", she said, "please, boy", but I went on caressing it and soon I was trying to slip my sex in again; though Jessie's "O's" of pain began at once and she begged me to stop.

"We must get up and dress", she said, "they'll soon be back", so I had to content myself with just lying in her arms with my sex touching hers. Soon she began to move against my sex, and to kiss me,