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and then she bit my lips just as my sex slipped into hers again; she left it in for a long moment and then as her lips grew hot: "it's so big", she said, "but you're a dear". The moment after she cried: "We must get up, boy! if they caught us, I'd die of shame". When I tried to divert her attention by kissing her breasts, she pouted, "That hurts too. Please, boy, stop and don't look", she added as she tried to rise, covering her sex the while with her hand, and pulling a frowning face. Though I told her she was mistaken and her sex was lovely, she persisted in hiding it, and in truth her breasts and thighs excited me more, perhaps because they were in themselves more beautiful.

I put my hand on her hips; she smiled, "Please, boy" and as I moved away to give her room, she got up and stood by the bed, a perfect little figure in rosy, warm outline. I was entranced, but the cursed critical faculty was awake. As she turned, I saw she was too broad for her height; her legs were too short, her hips too stout. It all chilled me a little. Should I ever find perfection?

Ten minutes later she had arranged the bed and we were seated in the sitting-room but to my wonder Jessie didn't want to talk over our experience. "What gave you most pleasure?" I asked. "All of it", she said, "you naughty dear; but don't let's talk of it". I told her I was going to work for a month, but I couldn't talk to her: my hand was soon up her clothes again playing with her sex and caressing it, and we had to move apart hurriedly when we heard her sister at the door.

I didn't get another evening alone with Jessie for some time. I asked for it often enough, but Jessie made excuses and her sister was very cold to me. I soon found out it was by her advice that Jessie