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"You are the loveliest girl in Lawrence", I said, "but I must really go now: I have an appointment and I'm late."

She smiled enigmatically as I seized my hat and went, not stopping even to shut or lock the office door.

As I walked up the street, my thoughts and feelings were all in a whirl: "Did I want her? Should I have her! Would she come again?

"Oh Hell! women are the very devil and he's not so black as he's painted! Black?"

That night I was awakened by a loud knocking at my office door; I sprang up and opened without thinking and at once Sophy came in laughing.

"What is it?" I cried half asleep still.

"I'se tired waiting", she answered cheekily, "and anyways I just came." I was about to remonstrate with her when she cried: "You go right to bed" and she took my head in her hands and kissed me. My wish to resist died out of me. "Come quickly!" I said getting into bed and watching her as she stripped. In a hand's turn she had undressed to her chemise: "I reckon this'll do", she said coquettishly.

"Please take it off", I cried and the next moment she was in my arms naked. As I touched her sex, she wound her arms round my neck and kissed me greedily with hot lips. To my astonishment her sex was well-formed and very small: I had always heard that negroes had far larger genitals than white people; but the lips of Sophy's sex were thick and firm, "Have you ever been had, Sophy?" I asked.

"No, sir!" she replied, "I liked you because you never came after me and you was so kind and I thot that I'd be sure to do it sometime, so I'd rather let you have me than anyone else: I don't like colored men", she added, "and the white men all look down