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on me and despise me and I—I love you", she whispered, burying her face on my neck.

"It'll hurt you at first, Sophy, I'm afraid"; but she stilled all scruples with "Shucks, I don't care: if I gives you pleasure, I'se satisfied" and she opened her legs, stretching herself as I got on her. The next moment my sex was caressing her clitoris and of herself she drew up her knees and suddenly with one movement brought my sex into hers and against the maiden barrier. Sophy had no hesitation: she moved her body lithely against me and the next moment I had forced the passage and was in her. I waited a little while and then began the love game. At once Sophy followed my movements, lifting her sex up to me as I pushed in and depressing it to hold me as I withdrew. Even when I quickened, she kept time and so gave me the most intense pleasure, thrill on thrill, and as I came and my seed spirted into her, the muscle inside her vagina gripped my sex, heightening the sensation to an acute pang; she even kissed me more passionately than any other girl, licking the inside of my lips with her hot tongue. When I went on again with the slow in-and-out movements, she followed in perfect time and her trick of bending her sex down on mine as I withdrew and gripping it at the same time excited me madly: soon, of her own accord, she quickened while gripping and thrilling me till again we both spent together in an ecstasy.

"You're a perfect wonder!" I cried to her then, panting in my turn, "but how did you learn so quickly?"

"I loves you", she said, "so I do whatever I think you'd like and then I likes that too, see?" And her lovely face glowed against mine.

I got up to show her the use of the syringe and found we were in a bath of blood. In a moment she