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HnieriCan public problems Series

Edited by Ralph Curtis Ringwalt Chinese Immigration By Mary Roberts Coolidge, Formerly Associate Professor of Sociology in Stanford University. 531 pp., $i.75 net; by mail, $1.90. {Just issued.) Presents the most comprehensive record of the Chinaman in the United States that has yet been attempted. "Scholarly. Covers every important phase, economic, social, and political, of the Chinese question in America down to the tian Francisco tire in 1906." — Ne-w York Sun. "Statesmanlike. Of intense iat&rest."—Uari/ord Couratit. "A remarkably thorough historical study. Timely and useful. En- hanced by the abundant array of documentary facts and evidence."— Chicago Record-Herald. Immigration: And Its Effects Upon the United States By Prescott F. Hall, A.B., LL.B, Secretary of the Immi- gration Restriction League. 393 pp. $1.50 net; by mail, $1.65. " Should prove interestinj^ to everyone. Very readable, forceful and convincing. Mr. Hall considers every possible phase of this great question and does it in a masterly way that shows not only that he thoroughly understands it, but that he is deeply interested in it and has studied everything bearing upon it." — Boston Transcript. "A readable work containing a vast amount of valuable information. Especially to be commended is the discussion of the racial effects. As a trustworthy general guide it should prove a god-send." — New York Evenins Post. The Election of Senators By Professor George H. Haynes, Author of " Representation in State Legislatures." 300 pp. $1.50 net; by mail, $1.65. Shows the historical reasons for the present method, and its effect on the Senate and Senators, and on state and local government, with a detailed review of the arguments for and against direct election. "A timely book. . . . Prof. Haynes is qualified for a historical and analytical treatise on the subject of the Senate."— A^ew York Evetiini: Sun. HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY 34 WEST 33d street NEW YORK