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Studies in American Trade-Unionism

J. H. HOLLANDER and G. E. BARNETT (Editors) 380 pp., 8vo, $2.75 net. By mail, $2.98. Twelve papers by graduate students and officers of Johns Hopkins University, the results of original investi- gations of representative trade-unions. There are also chapters on Employers' Associations, the Knights of Labor, and the American Federation of Labor. "Though confined to particular features of particular trade- unions, the data dealt with are comprehensive and typical; so that the result is a substantial contribution to our knowledge of trade- union structure and functions. . . . Excellent studies." — New York Evening Post. The Labor Movement in Australasia By Dr. 7ICT0R S. CLARK of the Carnegie Institute, Washington. 327 pp. $1.50 net. By mail, $1.63 A book written in a simple, untechnical, and very im- partial fashion, and one that is full of very valuable sug- gestions affecting our owti labor troubles. '■ . . . Useful and timely. . . . Mr. Clark will perhaps di.'sap- point alike the extreme radicals who regard Australasia as a work- men's paradise and grow enthusiastic over the progress made there by socialism, and those other extremists who like to be told that Australasia is doomed to bankruptcy and famine and demoraliza- tion as the result of socialism and the violation of 'natural law'. He writes judiciously and fairly, and indulges in no extravagant prophecies of either sort. . . . The book is very valuable for its facts and the impartiality with which they, and the conditions to which they are due, are presented." — Chicago Evening Post. "Not being a doctrinaire, he has much of value to say." — Chicago Record-Herald. The Negro and the Nation By GEORGE S. MERRIAM Probably the first complete history of the negro in his relation to our politics. 43G pp. $1.75 net. By mail, $1.92. The Rev. Edward Everett Hale in "Lend a Hand" : "Sensi- ble people who wish to know, who wish to form good sound opinions, and especially those who wish to take their honest part in the great duties of the hour, will read the book, will study it, and will find nothing else better worth reading and study." "A deeply interesting story. . . . An exceedingly readable vol- ume." — Boston Transcript. Henry Holt and Company 34 W. 33D Street <ni- '""^ New Vokk